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I love magazines. Sure, big important books are great, but I have mad appreciation for the fine art of concise writing. Over the past few months, education has been the feature story of several of my favorite magazines.

In the October 2011 issue of Harper’s, a piece called “Leveling the Field: What I Learned from For-Profit Education” covers the pitfalls of proprietary universities. Of course, this issue is now off booksellers’ racks but there might be an archived issue at your library.

The Autumn 2011 (current) issue of The Wilson Quarterly is titled “America’s Schools: 4 Big Questions”. The four questions are addressed in four separate articles. “College for All?”, “Who Rules?” and “Teach to the Test?” are all available online for free. “Is 600 Billion Enough?”, the last question and article, is only available in print or through subscription.

Utne posted an article online called “Graduating from Standardized Tests” in December. This article is free. http://www.utne.com/Mind-Body/Graduating-From-Standardized-Tests-Secondary-Education-Reform.aspx

All three of these pieces briefly wrestle with the idea that our culture has become obsessed with university learning and degrees to our detriment. They offer reassurance that this is a great time to be unschooling as an adult or questioning the college track as a high school student.

image: We Love Magazine Library in Tokyo

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